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Discover a variety of delicious and nutritious recipes using canned food. From soups to stews, explore creative ways to make quick and tasty meals using pantry staples.
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"Canning Season" Because we are deep into September... that means it's harvest time:) YaY! (click here for a canning guide) Because I grew up on a farm, we had plenty of room for growing. Every year we had several large gardens to take care of and when September rolled around, You could always find my mom, along with my sisters and I in the kitchen with jars piled high! It's my favorite time of the year... So of course I had to design this cute little block of canning jars:) (don't…

Fugard Luanne
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from our Mother's old canning booklet 1.Some Canning Tips What Works For Me - Tips from Experience Getting a Good Seal Canning Equipment Choosing a Pressure Canner Super Canners - Storage 2.Convenience Canning 3.Our Canning Recipes Canning Fruits Canning Meat and Poultry Canning Dried Beans and Vegetables Jams and Jellies Pickles and Relishes 4. Using Home Canned Foods Using Home Canned Poultry - Chicken and Turkey Recipes Using Home Canned Beef - Beef Recipes Using Home Canned Relishes…

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