Card game table

Enhance your game nights with a dedicated card game table. Find the perfect table that provides ample space and comfort for endless hours of entertainment and friendly competition.
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Made in America! Available with bumper pool option. Product Description 8 Player Positions Configuration Shown: Item Code: DYM354-PL Wood: MAPLE Finish: RGM – Rustic Graphite Maple Distressed Felt: Charcoal Coasters / Chip Tray Liners: La Paz Black Shown with Bumper Pool Accessory Kit. Product Specs: Size: 54″ Shape: Round Overall Height: 31″ Under Clearance: 27″ Weight: 200 lbs.

Tilly Chapa
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This custom-made gaming table is the perfect solution for board game enthusiasts who want plenty of space for their games, cards, and chips. Measuring 4'x6', the table offers a spacious surface that can accommodate up to six people. The sturdy construction and smooth finish make it easy to keep the playing surface clean and free of debris, while the raised edges help prevent items from sliding or falling off the table.

Sagar Samtani
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Starting my own DIY gaming table project was a game-changer for me. My friends and I love board games, but we always struggled with not having enough space to play comfortably. This motivated me to build a gaming table tailored to our needs. I searched for plans that were easy to follow and didn't require expensive tools. My focus was on finding something that could accommodate our games and offer extra features like cup holders and storage spaces. The building process was enlightening. I…

Mattea Derr
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Hexagonal Board Game Table W/ Speakers and Flip-Out Desks: I have a severe addiction to buying board games. To support my habit, I decided that none of the gaming tables I could find were exactly what I wanted, so I had to build my own large, unique table that can serve as a playspace for any of my many gam…

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