Cheese fruit platters

Impress your guests with delectable cheese and fruit platters that are as beautiful as they are tasty. Explore top ideas to create a stunning display for any occasion.
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Find freshly prepared foods that are quick and convenient at Giant Eagle. Try our delicious yet easy, ready-made or ready-to-cook meal options, perfect for busy weeknights. Going to a party or get together? Our ready to eat foods and platters are a great grab-and-go solution that taste great.

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Simple Fruit and Cheese Skewers

Delight in the playful and tasty combination of sweet and savory with our Simple Fruit and Cheese Skewers! These skewers are a fun, easy-to-make snack that beautifully pairs the natural sweetness of fruit with the creamy texture of cheese. Perfect for kids' parties, picnics, or as a healthy snack option, these skewers are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate.

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Simple Small Charcuterie Board, Small Charcuterie Board, Small Charcuterie, Charcuterie Appetizers, Charcuterie Board Meats, Catering Ideas Food, Party Food Buffet, Charcuterie Inspiration, Party Food Platters

Simple Small Charcuterie Board

How to make the perfect simple, small charcuterie board for your next dinner party or gathering! In this step-by-step tutorial, you'll learn exactly what you need to make a delicious small charcuterie board for 4-6 people.

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