Cobb loaf

Discover a variety of mouthwatering cobb loaf recipes that are perfect for any occasion. Try these easy and flavorful recipes to impress your family and friends.

Warm Spinach Dip Cobb Loaf: This cobb loaf is an absolute staple for any good party in Australia. We go absolutely nuts over it! why you ask?? because it is cheesy, warm, wholesome and toasty!!!! Just try it! you won't regret it.

Rinelda Van Den Berg
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French Onion Cob Loaf is a quick and easy homemade dip recipe. With a soft fluffy bread which gets toasted to perfection, a creamy dip and a fast oven bake we pull together this crowd pleasing party starter. This French onion cob loaf recipe is perfect as a starter, appetizer, game day snack, dip, share plate and needs only minimum effort. #cobloaf @sweetcaramelsunday

Katrina La Rose
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I love seeing everyone’s reaction when I turn up to a party with a cob loaf in hand. What’s not to love about something that you eat the dip AND what it’s served in! There’s no denying that it’s seriously amazing and it’s always a winner with my friends and family. It’s also really easy … Continue reading Cheesy bacon and corn cob loaf

Karen Purkiss