Color psychology personality

Discover how color psychology can reveal insights into your personality. Explore the impact of colors on emotions and behaviors and find out which colors best represent your unique traits.
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Hey girl, I get it, not everyone naturally knows how to work with color. So, the very idea of color branding can be overwhelming. But as business owners we simply can’t avoid the fact that color affects sales. Big Time. In fact, they say people’s product decisions are based 60-80% on color alone.I’ll let you

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Learn more about color psychology for branding and start using color psychology personality like a pro! color psychology personality | color psychology branding | color psychology marketing | color psychology interior design

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How to Choose Colors + Inspiration Photos That Match Your Business - perfectly!First impressionsAs business owners, we’ve all been there - You have your business up and running, you know who you are, who you serve, and how you are the best at what you do… But it feels like something is missing.You find yourself comparing your business to others in your industry (or maybe even different ones), wondering how their message and their online presence are so attractive and compelling to potential…

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