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Discover a curated selection of contemporary art paintings to enhance your collection. Immerse yourself in the vibrant colors and unique styles of these modern masterpieces.
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"Theories of Personality" series #6 48" x 12" is an original, distressed yellow, weathered gray, white, abstract, figurative painting that incorporates a variety of visually intriguing mixed media, layers of intricate textures and mediums, including over 100 years old torn passages in Italian and embodies the abstract figurative style widely recognized throughout this artists work. It can stand alone or be combined with another painting to form a unique diptych, triptych, etc. (see the…

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What is pop art? What does the word pop mean anyway? The word pop is actually the short form of the word popular and nothing else that could be defined as deep and mysterious. Considering this definition, you have to know that pop art paintings are bound to be bold and full of color and bound to be somewhat in your face. Take for instance, the works of Andy Warhol and some facts about pop art; this leaves us in no doubt that the artist is unabashed about using the best means possible to…