Cream cat

Discover the charm of cream cat breeds and get valuable tips on how to care for these adorable feline companions. Find your perfect cream cat and make them a part of your loving family.
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Buttercup Aristo Buff Creampuff Pastel Dolomite Milky Ric Ginger Baker Ivory Rose Bailey Coral Almond Citrine Noble Custard Vanilla Pallor Dall Crème Bruce Lollipop Creamsicle Hera Limestone Ribbon Seal Opal Lily Courser Cup Cake Beige Suntan Angelica Butter Aladar Ivory Crocket

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A feral calico kitten and her ginger brother were found without a mom. They were frightened, hiding in the bushes and wouldn't want to be near any humans. Now a few months later, they can't get enough of love. Meet Luna who was rescued as a feral along with her brother Neville. Photo by Tania Hen...

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