Crispy chips

Indulge in the crunchiness of perfectly crispy chips with these delicious recipes. Try out these mouthwatering ideas and satisfy your snack cravings today.
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These healthy homemade chunky cut air fryer chips will be your new go-to side dish! We tell you the best potatoes for chips, how to cut them chunky and how to cook chips in the air fryer. Crispy chips without a deep fat fryer or the need of excessive amounts of oil! These air fried chips can also be made ahead, are suitable for freezing and can be cooked from frozen.

Patty Cake's Pantry
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Delicious and healthy low fat oven chips, can be made from potatoes and/or sweet potatoes, and embellished with flavours of your own choosing. Total preparation and cooking time: about 35-40 minutes from start to finish. You spend 10-15 minute preparing and mixing, the last 20 or so the chips are in the oven.

Marla Jo Coates
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Crispy and healthy homemade Air Fryer Potato Chips made with only 3 ingredients. It's an easy and guilt-free recipe as you'll only need a small amount of cooking spray. Season them up the way you like. This crunchy snack tastes so good and you’ll never buy store-bought potato chips again!

Sharon Chrunik Sereda