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Discover proven strategies to enhance customer engagement and build stronger relationships with your target audience. Take your customer interactions to the next level and increase customer loyalty.
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This month as we examine the customer experience lifecycle , there's no doubt that we'll ponder the marketer's most pressing, philosophical question -- when does a customer become a customer? Just as the 24-hour news cycle has impacted the way

Ashley Burns
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There are leaders, followers, and…well people who just get in the way! Which are you? In business today, it takes leadership to build a business that consistently engages customers. If customers aren’t emotionally connected to your brand, through the experiences you provide, you will be vulnerable to offers and solicitations from your competitors. Such was…

Diane Bowen
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It’s no secret the success of an app is heavily dependent on the user experience. Everything from app store ranking, to onboarding, to load time can make or break a user’s experience within your app. If you’re not constantly learning and enhancing your app’s CX, user retention will plummet. What’s the difference between user experience

Shubi Othandwayo Mdledle
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As a long-time member of the Chief Customer Officer Council, I’m pleased to share the following column by Executive Director Curtis Bingham. The CCO Council fosters new ideas around customer-centric management in the pursuit of better business results. Curtis provides a provocative perspective on customer loyalty and engagement. Share your [...]

Anastasia Terekhina
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Gartner predicts that, by 2020, poor customer experiences will destroy 30% of digital business projects. Will yours be one of them? What does it mean to be customer centric? Customer-centric organizations understand the unique problems and expectations of their customers as well as the context of those needs. They then consistently deliver products and services that meet those expectations.

Vince Ferraro | Grow Your Business | Brand
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Customer Feedback is an extraordinary method for hearing straightforwardly from your customers. By paying attention to what they need to say, you can distinguish or affirm areas of progress for your customer service group. Successful customer feedback questions will have a combination of closed and open inquiries and be introduced at the perfect time.

Britta Blümchen