Get inspired by these creative dandelion crafts and decor ideas. Add a touch of whimsy to your home with dandelion-inspired DIY projects and decorations.
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I was looking over some websites for caregivers recently and came across a topic I found interesting. The host was discussing how some make Christmas "wishes," and inquired: “What is your wish for those who care for you?” Now, I am not certain how my husband and daughter would feel about being categorized as "caregivers" in any formal sense, but they do care for and about me, so I believe that qualifies. And while I appreciate the never-failing support they offer me during my darkest days, I…

Faeezah Jadwat
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a caelo usque ad centrum - from the sky into the center. A collection of pictures: Colors - threads, yarns, fibers, quilts, fabrics, denim/indigo, and fashion. Patina - leather, wood, satin. The visual - detail, white kitchens, pearls in paintings, pears, skies, sunflowers, lonely roads and sweeping vistas in Western Kansas. Veteran knitter. Flatlander - few mountain photos here.

Mirjami V

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