Dealing with a liar

Learn powerful techniques to handle and confront a liar in any situation. Discover how to protect yourself and maintain trust in your relationships.
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Narcissists spend most of their time operating under a façade. This is where they pretend to be empathetic, caring, and considerate – a normal person. Façade management is important to narcissists. Because they need people to stick around to give them the attention and adoration they crave. If they act narcissistic all the time, they

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Creating elaborate lies for their own gain with no care about who gets hurt is a hallmark of sociopathic lying. Sociopaths (AKA psychopaths) are compulsive pathological liars. Sociopaths lie without conscience. That means that they can look you right in the eye and lie to you and not show the usual markers that would give them away. It also means that they . . .

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Have you ever had the gut-sense someone was lying to you but weren’t sure? Or been fooled by a smooth talker? Or accused someone of lying, and later found out you were wrong? Would it help you to know that while accomplished liars smoothly spin reasonable sounding stories, even practiced liars signal deceit with small nonverbal clues? They do. Our eyes often catch these clues without our brain registering exactly what we’ve seen. If you’d like to train your eye and brain to consciously…

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