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Discover creative ways to display your favorite photos and bring your memories to life. Get inspired with these unique photo display ideas.
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In this day and age, we often post photos to Facebook or Instagram and then forget all about them. But with so many clever ways to display printed pictures around the house, why not print a bunch of your favorite photos and start decorating? Not sure where to start? Take a cue from the seven beautiful displays below (none of which are cheesy, promise!).

Julie Sclafani
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I’m especially exited today because after four long living-with-rental-furniture-months we are finally getting our stuff tomorrow. It’s play time! I have a pretty clear idea of where things are going to go, but boy can’t that change? One thing that I’m certain though is the gallery walls I want to create around the house. I’m …

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Do you have a bunch of polaroid pictures at home and are wondering what to do with them? See 15 cute photo display ideas that will bring your memories into life and make your home look more cosy and original. Look at ideas how you can hang your photos in creative ways by using just a few polaroid photos, washi tape or a string.

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You finished up your photography session and purchase pretty framed prints or maybe some canvases and now that you’ve got them home you’re stumped how to display them. Take some time to check out these creative options to give you some inspiration on where to place those photos on your wall! We added some fun farmhouse style contemporary ways to display your photos as well as links to purchase the items to get you started.

Megan Shaw
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Are you sick of staring at bare walls day after day? Filling in blank wall space with family photos is a simple yet effective way to add some personality to the home. They also make for great conversation starters for when guests come over because you can share about your most precious memories and travels.However, finding the perfect way to decorate with family snapshots can be a little tricky.

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