Dog harness leather

Dress your dog in style with our collection of high-quality leather dog harnesses. Find the perfect fit and keep your furry friend comfortable and trendy on walks and outings.
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Making a Custom Leather Dog Harness: After browsing the web for ages looking for a harness for my pup, none of them quite felt right to me. With a little bit of leatherworking skills under my belt, I decided to make a harness that was tailored exactly to my pup. It took a fair amount o…


DIY Escape Proof Dog Harness-Leash: Our two dogs love to go for walks, but one of them is a bit challenging. She is very nervous and hyperaware of noises, which in turn, causes her to sometimes get spooked during the walk. At this moment, she turns into an escape artist and slips out …

Chris Hughes
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BECHIVA SMALL PET ACCESSORIES presents: The "X type" leather harness is an extraordinary product for your beloved Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Jack Russel, etc. Unique product that is completely handcrafted in our small workshop. Very light weight - from 63 to 75 grams depending on the size. Color: Cognac It is made of soft lamb leather and pig leather lining. Designed to fit well and comfortable for your pet. All metal parts and rivets are Italian made, plated in silver, gold or black…

Jackson Kim