Earth and space science

Explore the wonders of earth and space with these captivating science ideas. Discover the mysteries of the universe and unlock the secrets of our planet.
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Earth in space. 3rd Grade Science. Covers the following skills: demonstrate an understanding of the theories regarding the origin and evolution of the universe by recognizing that objects appear smaller the farther away they are. Develop an understanding of the cyclical changes controlled by energy from the sun and by Earth's position and motion in our solar system.

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With 180 lessons in our online catalog, you can explore Earth and space with us all year long. We show you how with this handy NASA-JPL school year calendar. To celebrate and help you make the year ahead stellar, we've put together a monthly calendar of upcoming NASA events along with links to our related lessons, Teachable Moments articles, and student projects you can use to engage students in STEM while they explore Earth and space with us all year long!

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Want a fun way to change up how you assess your students? While there is value in giving multiple choice assessments (students need to have these test taking skills to pass the ACT and SAT), I also like to change it up. Not all students do well with multiple choice or written tests, and offering ... Read more

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