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Explore innovative eco architecture ideas that promote sustainable living. Discover how you can design and build environmentally friendly structures for a greener future.
Curved modern home built with natural materials, overlooking a bio pool, surrounded by the lush greenery of a dense jungle. Modern Architecture, Design, Architecture, Modern, Dao, Inspo, Facade Design, Haus, Villa

Nestled amidst a lush jungle, this curved modern home showcases the brilliance of biophilic design. 🌱 Every corner designed with natural materials, ensuring a sense of harmony and alignment with nature's rhythm. Step outside and you're greeted by a serene bio pool. Our vision merges ancient wisdom with future aesthetic, creating spaces that don't just exist but thrive. To step into your dream sanctuary aligned with nature, book an exploration call with us. #BiophilicDesign #BioPool…

Janice Espinosa
Architecture for food by van Bergen Kolpa Architects - issuu Urban, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Gardening, Architecture Design Concept, Ecological Architecture, Sustainable Design Architecture, Landscape Architecture Design, Architecture Design

Van Bergen Kolpa Architects and Wageningen University and Research are jointly active in shaping the relationship between food and the spatial environment. Architecture for Food Magazine shows the projects, essays and investigations in and around the city.