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Step back in time with these elegant Edwardian hat styles. Discover how to add a touch of vintage charm to your outfits with these stunning hats.
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I recently acquired an antique Edwardian lingerie dress (translation: a lacy white cotton dress suitable for afternoon wear) that I plan on wearing to an afternoon tea. However, how can one go to a…

Jay Galzuud
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Here's how I went about "cobbling" a big, fancy, Edwardian hat to wear to tea with my dress-up group, The Atlanta Time Travelers. Sure, you could buy an antique hat. But this was more fun. And if I don't count my time or blood loss in the equation, much less expensive! It's not difficult and requires no advanced sewin

Sandra Mamin
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If you owned this photograph, wouldn’t you want to know more about the young woman wearing the outrageous butterfly hat? I have looked at this image for years, but all I knew was that the photographer had captured my grandmother Arline Allen Kinsel in a very flattering window-seat pose. Arline’s white muslin dress and huge…

Abigail Landrum
Hairstyles and Hats of the Edwardian Era, 1900-1915 – GBACG Finery Portraits, Pin Up, Portrait, Fotos, Beleza, Fotografia, Fantasy, Edwardian Hairstyles, Lily Elsie

by Kendra Van Cleave, First published for the July/August 2008 issue of Finery Hairstyles and headwear are inextricably linked in almost every era; hairstyles affect the shape and placement of the hat and vice versa. The “pompadour” popular in the 1890s belied its name. Rather than a large amount of volume, hair was dressed loosely but still simply and close […]

Colleen Darling