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Embark on a journey to explore the wonders of nature. Get inspired with top ideas to connect with the outdoors and immerse yourself in the beauty of the natural world.
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By committing to the van movement, people are making major life decisions. Quitting jobs. Cancelling leases. Emptying their parents' bank accounts. Everything in exchange for a nomadic #VanLife on four wheels. Documenting the pretty side of their daily adventures, Instagram account @project.vanlife is sharing their stories through dreamy photos.

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FOTOGRAFANDO SOLO CONTEST - 16° Contest: "I miei 3 scatti migliori di questa estate" Andavo per macro quando alle 18.43 del 22 luglio ho visto questo scorcio. Ho cambiato al volo l'ottica e ho scattato per conservare tutta quell'atmosfera e quella luce meravigliose. HR www.fluidr.com/photos/chiaralana/6040657711 Please follow me @ www.facebook.com/Chiara.Lana.Photo www.facebook.com/chiara.lana 1x.com/photo/46497/1228894#!/artist/38230 500px.com/ChiaraLana 21666.portfolio.artlimited.net/ P.S…

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