Explore a variety of mouthwatering fettuccine recipes that will satisfy your pasta cravings. From classic Alfredo to creamy carbonara, discover the perfect dish to indulge in.
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This easy chicken fettuccine Alfredo recipe has the most dreamy parmesan garlic cream sauce that perfectly coats the pasta. Golden pan-fried garlic chicken takes this dish to the next level!

Lindsey Johnson Edwards
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This Fettuccini Alfredo was one of my favorite pasta creations yet. Using fresh fettuccini from my local Italian market was key along with using Parmigiano Reggiano. Parmigiano Reggiano is the real form of parmesan that is made in Italy. Paired with seasoned chicken, sundried tomatoes, & spinach this was the perfect bowl of pasta. Note: If you are not able to use fresh pasta, use your favorite dried pasta. If you aren't able to use Parmigiano Reggiano, use fresh Parmesan that you can grate…

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This Authentic Italian Fettucine Alfredo Recipe is made with four simple ingredients (fettuccine pasta, parmigiano cheese, butter, and freshly cracked pepper). It only takes 20 minutes to prepare! This is the original recipe for 'fettuccine al burro'.

Allie Reeves