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Discover the warm and vintage charm of filament bulb lighting. Upgrade your space with these top ideas and create a cozy ambiance that will leave a lasting impression.
Tala Voronoi II LED bulb 3W E27, dimmable Lights, Vintage, Lamp, Pendant Light, Lighting Collections, Led Bulb, Lighting, Ceiling Lights, Filament Bulb

The Voronoi II 3W LED bulb from the English lamp manufacturer Tala is a bold member of the organically shaped Voronoi collection. Voronoi was inspired by the meeting points of nature and mathematics: its shape is based on 3D models of the voronoi pattern found throughout nature, and the spiral of its LED filament mimics the Fibonacci sequence that is also found in nature. Made of mouth-blown glass, the Voronoi lamps are unique pieces of art that will catch the eye individually and in groups…

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Differences Between Edison Bulbs, Antique Light Bulbs, LED Filament Bu – EP Designlab LLC Retro, Metal, Industrial, Vintage Light Bulbs, Antique Light Bulbs, Edison Bulb Lamp, Antique Lighting, Filament Bulb, Light Bulbs

Antique lights, or Edison Bulbs, have recently become incredibly popular. You can find these cool looking bulbs everywhere, from your favorite restaurant to DIY steampunk lamps and costumes. However, in the midst of this new found lighting love, some are becoming disappointed by the amount of brightness emitted from th

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