Flot makeup

Achieve a flawless makeup look with these top tips and tricks. Discover how to enhance your natural beauty and create stunning makeup looks for any occasion.
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Date nights are the perfect opportunity to showcase your personal style and create a memorable impression. Whether you prefer a classic, elegant look or a more bohemian and free-spirited vibe, there are outfit and makeup options to suit every style. For your outfit, consider choosing garments that make you feel confident and comfortable, whether it's a sleek and sophisticated ensemble or a relaxed and trendy attire. When it comes to makeup, you can opt for a natural and glowing look or go…

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As you might've realized from our publications on the Facebook group 'What in the $20 wish tattoo machine is this?' or the 'That's It, I'm Inkshaming' group, sadly, subpar tattoos are pretty common. Which makes the good ones even more admirable.

Janet Lamb