Flying monkey hat diy

Make your own flying monkey hat with this easy DIY tutorial. Follow the step-by-step guide and get inspired to create a unique accessory for your next costume party or Halloween.
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For this year's full-length ballet, the dance company did The Wizard of Oz, and they asked if I could make jackets for the flying monkeys. Of course the answer was yes! At first I was searching for costumes or bellhop uniforms, but those were either too heavy, too expensive or needed to be altered to be practical to dance in. So from scratch it is! They needed 21 costumes for various-sized girls. This is what I used to go off of: And this is what I made: plus hats, of course. I chose poplin…

Regina Espino
The quick story of getting conned into creating a flying monkey costume inspired by the Wizard of Oz. Lots of photos along the way. Flying Monkey Costume, Monkey Costumes, Diy Costumes Kids, Halloween Costumes, Halloween Ideas, The Wizard Of Oz Costumes, Monkey Hat, Monkey Pattern, Flying Monkeys

How to make a Wizard of Oz inspired flying monkey costume ... with pictures and directions. Leave the wings off, add elf stockings and, yes!, you have an elf costume! (Directions in red are suggested changes for an elf costume.) Supplies: shirt, white and red felt Cut the bottom four inches off the shirts. (Use a green shirt or change the colors as you'd like for the elf. Don't cut the shirt at all and you can make the design longer for more color.) I have one of those friends who signs me…

Mary Marcotte