Forearm samurai tattoo

Discover the artistry and symbolism of samurai tattoos for your forearm. Explore top designs that capture the essence of strength, honor, and bravery.
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Samurai Tattoo

Japanese tattoos are famous for their symbolic, powerful and deep meaningful designs. Japanese tattoos have a tradition that has been followed for a quite a long time and integrated into western tattoo culture such as the popular Koi fish or Dragon designs. According to the Japanese culture, each tattoo worn has its meaning and purpose […]

Ben Hancock
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Discover Top Men’s Tattoos in 2024: Trends & Designs for the Modern Man

Dive into the top tattoo trends for men in 2024 with our guide. Explore impactful designs that blend style with personal stories. From minimalistic patterns to intricate sleeves, find the perfect tattoo that resonates with your journey and individuality

Donny Salitos
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This Instagram Page Shares 50 People That Decided To Ink Themselves With Crazy Tattoos

The world is full of some seriously talented and dedicated artists. Today, we’re taking a deep dive into the world of ink and looking at some of the most impressive tattoo designs, as shared on the ‘Crazyy Tattoos’ (yup, with two y's) Instagram page.