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Discover the incredible work of French photographers who are pushing the boundaries of the art. Explore their unique perspectives and be inspired to see the world through their lens.
Another Saucy Edwardian Era Woman Posing On A French Postcard. Circa Early 1910s People, People Leave, Just For Fun, Historia, Media, Erotic, Erotica, Fotografia, Fotografie

The Victorian and Edwardian eras, which saw tremendous industrialization, technological development, and social transformation, are known as the two of the most revolutionary times in British history. These two periods were a time of great cultural richness and diversity, with art, literature, and music flourishing.

Israëlis Bidermanas  (1911–1980), who worked under the name of Izis , was a Jewish-Lithuanian photographer who worked in France and is best ... Paris, Alfred Stieglitz, Street Photography, Portrait, Henri Cartier Bresson, French Photographers, Bresson, Robert Doisneau, Photographer

Izraelis Bidermanas (1911-1980), who worked under the name of Izis, was a Lithuanian-Jewish photographer who worked in France and is best known for his photographs of French circuses and of Paris. Izraelis fled Lithuania after the assassination of his parents by the Nazis to settle in Paris. Promptly, he captured the capital in its postwar picturesque atmosphere with lovers kissing, children playing but also the city’s graphic walls and gloomy ruins. With Paris des Rêves published in 1950…

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