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Make your Girl Scout Brownie meetings fun and engaging with these top ideas. Discover creative activities and projects that will keep your Brownies excited and motivated.
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*This post contains affiliate links. Updated April 2023 The Brownie Snack Try it is one of the most fun badges for the girls to earn, and it is also one of the messiest and hands on for you to lead. This badge is very similar to the old Brownie program’s Make It, Eat It, Try It that my troop earned back when they were Brownies. Many children today are well aware of what constitutes healthy foods and non-healthy foods. This is not only taught in school, but is also preached to them on various…

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A couple weeks ago, Evelyn and I attended a Girl Scouts recruitment meeting. They told us all the troops were full and anyone that would join that day would need new troop leaders. Tom and I had talked about the possibility of me becoming a troop leader, but we never solidified our decision. Not a single person raised their hand and people were avoiding eye contact. I raised my hand, still a little iffy, but she accepted me quickly. The representative said I would need helpers and two women…

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Cookie season is a very busy one for leaders, and time for planning meetings is not as plentiful. Here are Girl Scout cookie badge and financial literacy badge print and go meetings to simplify your leader life.

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Updated December 2020 If you are still trying to figure out what to do for World Thinking Day, here is a quick and easy lesson plan for you to follow. Image from Pixabay and altered by the author in Canva Step 1-Pick a Country Since this is Daisy Scouts, it does not have to be "girl led"- select a place that is easy for you! At the Making Friends website, they have plenty of ideas for several different countries. Once you have selected a country, run off a free printable passport for each…

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*This post contains affiliate links. Updated April 2023 There are many fun activities that your troop can do to earn the Brownie Girl Scout Making Friends badge. When all of the girls get along with each other, meetings run more smoothly and everyone, including the leaders, enjoy their time together more. Image from Pixabay and used by the author in Canva You may want to open the meeting by talking about what makes a good friend. Brainstorm ideas and list them on the board or a piece of…

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Updated April 2023 The world of science is a fascinating one. There is so much to explore and uncover, yet study after study has shown that girls lose interest in this school subject. While there are many reasons for this gender gap, we as Girl Scout leaders do not have to encourage it. The Home Scientist badge will get your girls to see that science is not just something that takes place in school or in a laboratory…it is all around them! After deciding which experiments you wish to do with…

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