Glass bottle

Discover unique and innovative ways to repurpose glass bottles in your home. From DIY crafts to eco-friendly decor, explore top ideas to transform ordinary bottles into extraordinary pieces.
The “Dec 25, 1923” patented design, also known as the “Christmas Coke” bottle Orangina Bottle, Can Of Coke, Adam Savage, Coca Cola Bottles, Photo Elements, Cola Bottle, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Coke Bottle, Pepsi Cola

A Pepsi-Cola serving tray circa 1940s My fascination with brand design started with the soda-pop realm. I’d always loved leafing through old magazines and usually paid more attention to the advertising in them than the articles. Because my father had a collection of Life magazines beginning with the first issue in 1936 and continuing through the World War II years, I had ample exposure to plenty of advertising from that era. Soft drink ads were plentiful and even before seein