Green tea extract

Unlock the potential of green tea extract for your overall well-being. Learn about its numerous health benefits and how it can improve your daily routine.
Green tea, a great anti-ageing skincare herb. Read more about the best anti-ageing beauty and skincare herbs at Nature, Feeling Image, Green Tea Shot, Green Tea Plant, Asian Tea, Tea Plant, Green Tea Benefits, Tea Culture, Tea Garden

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Herbs used in natural skincare and beauty products can provide great anti-ageing properties. Given the continuous growth in the natural skincare industry, paired with a boom in the number of anti-ageing products on the market, the HerbBlurb wanted to examine which beauty herbs offer the best anti-ageing properties in natural skincare. What is anti-ageing? Firstly, we need to find out exactly what ‘anti-ageing’ means. For most of us, that means …