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Hanging out with musicians is any girl's dream come true. Well, these girls did just that. Mind you, these two girls, Sable, the unofficial queen of the 70's LA glam rock scene, and Lori, her best friend, were only around 13 at the time. These baby groupies strutted around Sunset Boulevard on their shiny platform heels, eyes and ears peeled for the likes of Led Zeppelin or David Bowie to show up. I personally don't like these baby groupies very much, their personalities leaving a lot to be…

Kaitlyn Lyon
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LucyInDesguise photography Melissa Adam models Andrew Pitrone & Marith Savander styling Marith Savander location Castelo Studio I discovered LucyInDesguise and their beautful latest lookbook on one of my fave blogs, Moon to Moon, a while ago and really thought I should share it with! Oh so in love with those pics and the whole vibe! Check out LucyInDesguise etsy shop for their unique vintage …

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