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Enhance your cycling experience with a practical and stylish handlebar bag. Discover the top handlebar bags that offer convenience and functionality for your next adventure on two wheels.
Porcelain Rocket Redesigns the Nigel Handlebar Bag | The Radavist | A group of individuals who share a love of cycling and the outdoors. Porcelain, Handlebar, Sturdy, Nigel, Redesign, Foam Bed, Handlebar Bag, The Incredibles, Riding

Porcelain Rocket has redesigned the Nigel Handlebar Bag. This redesign aims to distill the design elements that made the original Nigel unique and practical, into a much simpler, sleeker package. The new Nigel is smaller, which will allow for use on a larger variety of bikes. However, at 4.5L, it is still larger than typical burrito-style bar bags. Its wide opening and one-handed bungee closure make for extremely easy access on the bike. The whole thing has been made much sturdier, with…

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DIY Bikepacking Handlebar Bag: Bikepackers load their bikes with gear: clothes, camping equipment, food, etc; and cycle off somewhere nice for a while (days, months? :-). It's like backpacking but on a bike! While when walking you can just carry all you need in a rucksack on you …

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