Temukan ide-ide keren untuk membuat hardcase yang unik dan mencerminkan kepribadianmu. Ciptakan tampilan yang berbeda dan menarik dengan hardcase yang dibuat sendiri.

"Let me at 'em!" was Hardcase's typical reaction when presented with enemy forces, no matter how overwhelming the odds. Legend has it that his growth chamber sprung a leak during his formation on Kamino, resulting in his characteristic, somewhat aberrant, but nonetheless useful hyperactivity. When the blaster bolts fly, Hardcase loses all sense of self-preservation and returns fire with zeal, determined to wipe out the enemy with repeated sweeps of his rotary laser cannon.

Agnieszka Terelak
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In the distant future, all backpacks will be armadillo-esque hardshell creations designed for maximum durability without much thought given to design. If you believe that something like Tron or Star Trek will actually come to pass, that's probably true. The future is now and it only slightly resembles the backpack picture that Sci-Fi films have

Ali Paul