Honeymoon checklist

Make sure you have everything you need for your dream honeymoon. Check out our ultimate honeymoon checklist to ensure a stress-free and memorable trip.

So you’ve planned your wedding, your rehearsal dinner, and now all you have to do is finalize those last minute details and wait for your big day to arrive. Well, not quite. There are a lot of details that go into wrapping up your wedding that will need your attention. Who is in charge of taking your gown and gifts home? How is your groom’s tux getting back to the shop? What will you do with leftover food, cake and flowers? Who is driving guests to their hotels or the airport, and the list…

Carlye Szarowicz
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If you and your fiance can make it through your wedding unscathed, you deserve a vacation. I feel like honeymoons had to stem from that. After months of planning and stressing, you just need a few days to wear a large brimmed hat on the beach and sip a drink that a waiter brought to you on a tray. That's not too much to ask. But when you're there, relaxing on a tropical island, you don't want to think, "Shoot, I forgot a razor. So much for these cute bikinis." With so much planning, though…

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