House decorating styles

Discover various house decorating styles to transform your home into a reflection of your unique taste and personality. Find inspiration and ideas to create a space that feels truly yours.
What is your interior design style?  Click to take a fun quiz developed by an interior designer to find out.  Read about your top two results and see lots of  furnishings, lighting and decor to create  your personal look! Design, What Is My Decorating Style Quiz, What Is My Decorating Style, Decorating Styles Find Your Quiz, Interior Design Styles Quiz, Whats My Style Quiz Home Decor, Decorating Style Quiz, Decor Styles Quiz, Decorating Styles Quiz

Not sure what your design style is? Take this fun quiz developed by an interior designer to find out. Just pick your favorite furniture, lighting and decor and the quiz does the rest! Learn about your style and get loads of options to help you get started. And because no person is only one thing, this quiz gives you your top two results!

Refresh Home Design - Michelle Santhanam
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Need help identifying what decor style you like? Here are 9 of the major interior design styles explained! Learn the defining elements of each style.

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