Indigenous culture

Immerse yourself in the vibrant traditions and customs of indigenous culture. Discover the beauty and diversity of indigenous art, music, dance, and more.
Those that hold ancient knowledge in the community of Indigenous culture are the guardians of the old ways. They can teach the children and youth the traditional ways that the community relates to the land. It is different than the modern, colonial, Western attitudes. These are wisdoms that we call all learn from and navigate our lives with, helping to revitalize and respect the earth honoring ways of Indigenous cultures within ourselves. Mindfulness, Mental Health, Action, Mindful, Mental Health Blogs, Helping Kids, Supportive, Native American Wisdom, Indigenous Culture

Like many Canadians, I have been deeply affected by the activity surrounding cases involving Indigenous people in our country. We have some painful and tainted history here in regards to what has happened to our First Nations and Indigenous people. When European settlers first arrived, the Indigenous populations were forced onto reservations. The Indian Act […]

Michelle Clark