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Embark on an unforgettable journey to Japan and discover its rich culture, stunning landscapes, and vibrant cities. Get inspired with top travel ideas and start planning your adventure today.
A 9 Day Itinerary for Your First Trip to Japan! Osaka, Trips, Japan Travel, Kyoto, Japan Travel Tips, Japan Travel Guide, Tokyo Japan Travel, Tokyo Travel, Visit Japan

Hello everyone! A few weeks ago, I went to Japan for the first time, and words can simply not express how magical it was! After being in the country for only 11 days (booooo American PTO), I am certain I will be back. Since I've returned, I've had quite a few people reach out to me about how we planned our trip, how we decided what to do, and how we fit so much in to a small window of time. If you're here from my YouTube video, welcome! This is the more detailed version of the itinerary. The…

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Figuring out the best time to visit Japan depends entirely on the area you wish to visit and the things you want to do. Although Japan has four distinct seasons, average temperatures are not consistent across the country. Each season is culturally important in Japan, and this is reflected in the matsuri and varied food you can enjoy during your visit.

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