Discover mouthwatering jerky recipes that are packed with flavor. Learn how to make your own jerky at home and enjoy a delicious and healthy snack anytime.

The Most Amazing Beef Jerky is so easy to make. We’ve included instructions for the dehydrator, smoker, and oven!

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Ground meat jerky can be a great alternative to whole muscle jerky. Many people prefer ground meat jerky because it is easier to chew, they prefer the texture, it's easy to make, etc... To find out if you like ground meat jerky you have to make some! Below are two ways of making ground jerky. One is with a jerky gun and the other is with common household appliances. So let's get started! This page may contain affiliate links. Please read my privacy policy. Video - Best Meat for Jerky Making…

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You can make this low-carb beef jerky recipe directly in your oven (there's no need to buy a food dehydrator). It's sugar-free and loaded with a smoky flavor. Plus, you can eat 15 strips and still consume only 0.7 grams of carbs!

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