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Child predators are not strangers in dark alleys. They are your friends, your relatives, the coach on your kid's team. The best way to protect your kids is to not be in denial. Learn their tactics and keep your kids safe. Parents, Raising Kids, Parenting Advice, Parenting Help, Parenting Hacks, Parenting 101, Kids And Parenting, Kids Parenting, Parenting

Recently I wrote an article on teaching kids concepts beyond stranger danger. Several people left comments about this great book called The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker which talks about gut instinct. I remember vaguely seeing the author on Oprah Winfrey a long time ago. I love absorbing new information, so I quickly

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Keeping Children Safe in Education – What you need to Know A poster highlighting its key points of Keeping Children Safe in Education is available to download and print. It promotes what is safeguarding and what you need to do. Download your copy of the poster here – KCSIE-Key-Points-Poster-2019 It has been produced by

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Back when I had only one child, I didn't have this constant fear that I would lose him in a crowded public setting- probably because I was a major hover-er. When my second was born two years later, a child known for his spontaneity and wandering ways, I still never lost sleep over the fact that I could lose one or both of them in a crowded public setting, mostly because while one was on foot, the other was always (ALWAYS) strapped into a stroller making it relatively easy to keep tabs on…

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