Langstroth hive

Discover the benefits of using a Langstroth Hive for beekeeping. Learn how this popular hive design can help you maintain healthy bee colonies and maximize honey production.
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A beginner beekeeper's guide to the parts of a beehive. by Anita Deeley at There are many different types of beehives and hive configurations that beekeepers use. I'm going to talk about the most common type of hive, which is called the 10 frame Langstroth beehive. The picture above shows the configuration that I

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While 10 frame Langstroth hives are seen as more “standard”, I noticed that many beekeepers are opting for 8 frame hives lately. And that’s no surprise. There are many benefits to 8 frame Langstroth hives. Benefits of 8 Frame Langstroth Hives Weight By far, the biggest benefit of using an 8 frame Langstroth hive is the weight. A super full of honey is quite heavy, and don’t forget that you’ll be lifting the super from the top of other boxes. Using an 8 frame hive instead of a 10 frame…

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What is a Rose hive? Never heard of it? It is a new development in hive-management. Rose Hives are basically he same as the hives your Joe Average bee keeper uses, except instead of having two different size boxes (one for brood-rearing and one for supers), there is just one size box which can be used for either brood or honey. The big benefit here is that you allow for rapid brood expansion. There is no queen excluder in this set-up. That means the queen can lay as many eggs as she can. As…

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