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Witness the incredible transformation of spaces with these inspiring makeover before and after ideas. Get inspired to create your own stunning before and after results.
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Makeup artist Lena Motinova treats all of her clients the same. It doesn't matter what neighborhood they live in, how "respectable" their job is, or who they're friends with. Everyone who wants to visit her salon is welcomed to do so.

Lindsay Ivanov
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If you have ever had long hair or haven‘t changed your hairstyle in a hot minute, you might agree that it can become a security blanket, so it‘s often very hard to make that step and spice up things a bit. On the other hand, once you do it, it can be an immediate confidence boost. It‘s probably the main reason why people tend to experiment with their hair after major life changes.

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The findings of a recent study shed light on the fascinating relationship between cosmetic surgery, self-esteem, and the aging process among women. This study, which examined the impact of cosmetic surgery avoidance on self-esteem as women age, revealed intriguing insights into how societal pressures and personal choices intersect with perceptions of beauty and confidence.According to the study’s results, women who choose to forgo cosmetic surgery experience a notable increase in self-esteem…

Joanne Padgitt
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Changing your hairstyle can do wonders for your self-esteem. Lithuanian hairstylist and founder of SelfStation, Jurgita Malakauskaitė, told Bored Panda that she has always had an innate sense for beauty and aesthetics and has known since her school days that she would become a hairdresser. She told us that her job is about more than just creating new haircuts: it’s about renewing clients’ confidence in themselves, giving them honest advice, and reminding women that they have to love…