Many faces

Discover the different facets of life and explore the many faces that make it beautiful. Find inspiration and gain a deeper understanding of the diverse experiences that shape our world.
17 & GONE inspiration: A shattered reflection. (Photo by suziesparkle) Mirror Photography, Photography Inspo, White Photography, Portrait Photography, Portrait Art, Depersonalization Disorder, Francesca Woodman, Photocollage, A Level Art

Minolta X-300, 35-70mm f/3.5 Macro The white mark at the top is a scratch on the negative, I'm useless at developing film without scratching it. As this photos has attracted a lot of interest and speculation I'll tell you a bit more about it. It was taken in 1995 when I was doing a photography evening class. It's of my sister, Holly, who was 15 at the time. She was generally a reluctant model but the only one I had at my disposal! I did a little set of photos of reflected portraits for my…

Nova Ren Suma
Faces of Foxes: Photographer Proves That Every Fox Has Different Personality Animals And Pets, Animals Wild, Cute Animals, Strange Animals, Fox Images, Fox Crafts, Fox Drawing, Fox Nursery, Foxes Photography

Did you ever realize that "the fox", as our beloved pet dog or the cat, consists of countless individuals, each with their own specific characteristics? Some a little dumb, others quite intelligent. Some creative and entrepreneurial, other boring and passive and some even downright funny. So many foxes, so many faces.

Benni Lizard