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Explore innovative and adaptable modular design ideas to transform your space. Discover how modular design can enhance functionality and aesthetics in your home or office.
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In our modern and urban homes of today, living in a space-efficient and smart manner is vital, or else we will end up in stuffy and overcrowded home environment

Kelly Hudson
Cookie Cutters

Curved-line folding is the act of folding a flat sheet of material along a curved crease pattern in order to create a three-dimensional shape. It is a creative and innovative way to produce lightweight and geometrically stiff components using only sheet materials. The pavilion presented in this paper integrates this principle in a kit-of-parts system. After being cut out of flat plates, the components get their 3D shape by folding them along a set of predefined curved lines. This deformed…

Aditi Dey
Industrial Modular Storage 'KOU' Made of Concrete For Sale Industrial Design, Architecture, Design, Modular Shelving, Modular Table, Modular Office Furniture, Modular Furniture, Modular Furniture Design, Modular Storage

About 'KOU' is a modular storage made of concrete by Bentu Design [Blocks sold individually] Dimension of one block: 36 x 36 x 26cm Bentu Design's furniture derives its uniqueness from the simplicity of its forms and its materials. Designed and manufactured by the designers of Studio Bentu themselves, these lamps, coffee tables, cup-boards and seats all have in common the use of concrete. This material that is usually reserved for construction use, finds here a certain nobility. The patterns…

Ting Ting