Morning tea

Kickstart your mornings with these delicious morning tea ideas. Find inspiration to create a refreshing and energizing tea experience that will set the tone for the rest of your day.
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This hot cocoa is made in the microwave but you can instead do it on the stove. Do step #1 in a small sauce pan. Then add the milk from step 2 to the sauce pan. Then heat on the stove until the desired temperature is reached. Listen to learn how to make this recipe, along with some great tips from Christine: [sc name="hotcocoarotd"][/sc] Listen to more Recipe of the Day episodes here.

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Most of my friends know I drink neither tea or coffee. For me a cup of hot green tea occasionally is what I prefer, sans sugar. So, while visiting friends / relatives around tea time (which in itself happens very rarely, Sshshhhh), they are quite flummoxed as to what beverage to offer me. What…