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Discover exciting music class activities and lessons that will inspire and entertain students of all ages. Unlock the joy of music and enhance your learning experience with these top ideas.
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On the first day of school, do you ever look at your roster puzzled on how you will ever learn all of your students' names? Here you will find ways to have fun with your students while learning their names and taking attendance. These are great getting to know you activities and name games for your elementary Music class to use on the first day of school. Also conduct a musical survey to get to know your students.

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About this item ✅ Welcome back to school with Soflege Hand Signs Poster! Music Notes Value Wall Art Print will make your learning place more colorful and creative. Except for decorating, the Teevoke Music Poster gives useful music theory. It's basic knowledge for students not only to start music classroom, but also to have a chance to review. ✅ GLOSS LAMINATED: Gloss lamination produces a shiny, glass-like appearance that enhances the color and vibrancy of the ink on a page. Guaranteed to…

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I love when we have an Olympic year in music class. This is the second one we've celebrated since I began teaching, and we went all out! I started off by selecting 8 countries and then dividing each of my classes into 4 teams (I have 4 risers, so each riser was a team). Students in grades 4-6 participated, so there ended up being one grade level each on every team. Each day, students competed in a different Olympic event. The events we competed in were the ski jump, speed skating, curling…

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Welcome to our Music Room! Let me show you around... We are so fortunate to have SMARTboards in our classrooms! I don't know how I could ever teach without one now! Here is our instrumentarium! I am always looking to expand my Orff collection! :) Our Musical Word Wall... More classroom instruments and our music textbooks... Our Music Essential Questions posted... The Music Standards (in kid-friendly language) are also posted for each class. The 4th and 5th graders spend a few minutes during…

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