Narcissism relationships

Learn about the dynamics of narcissism in relationships and how it can impact your emotional well-being. Discover strategies to navigate narcissistic behavior and foster healthier connections.
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Are you wondering what a narcissist does at the end of a relationship? There are specific things to look out for. Learn what they are in the article.

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I previously wrote an article explaining gaslighting. To add more clarity, I'm going to highlight some common gaslighting phrases, and explain what their intentions are. This should help you identify whether you're being gaslighted. And understand the attack that's being made on you. Armed with this knowledge, you're more able to disarm it's effects. Because

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When you leave a narcissist, it's rarely the end of the story. There are usually more challenges that lay ahead. Because as I'm sure you know, nothing's simple when you're dealing with a narcissist! If you've just left a narcissist, or are thinking of leaving, it's useful to know what they're likely to do. Then

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Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) are two distinct psychiatric conditions that share some overlapping risk factors and symptoms. People with ADHD are known to be at higher risk for personality disorders, including NPD.1,2 Impulsivity, poor decision making, trouble completing tasks, and staying focused are also common features in both conditions, which

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Narcissists spend most of their time operating under a façade. This is where they pretend to be empathetic, caring, and considerate – a normal person. Façade management is important to narcissists. Because they need people to stick around to give them the attention and adoration they crave. If they act narcissistic all the time, they