Ninja birthday party games

Make your kid's birthday party unforgettable with these exciting ninja-themed games. Engage the little ninjas in fun activities that will keep them entertained throughout the celebration.
I don't know what this is, but it looks awesome. I've got to brush up on my Star Wars know-how. Design, Mothers Day Crafts, Ideas, Valentines For Kids, Party, Kids Christmas, Party Planning, Mothers Day Crafts For Kids, Kids Crafts

Da, Da, Da... Da da da, Da da da. If you are the mother of a Star Wars fan you know the song I am singing. As a woman, I never really though I would know the difference between Jengo Fett and Bulba Fett, or the difference between a battle droid, a clone trooper and a droid decoa. But here I am the mother of two boys and I know way more about Star Wars then I ever wanted to. So a Star Wars Party was not a hard thing for me to whip up. Here is what we did to make the party AWESOME! Star Wars…

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Ninjago Party (Ninja Training Games & Activities) - Legos, Ninjas, Ninjago, Karate Birthday, Ninjago Birthday, Ninja, Ninjago Party, Patrones, Ninja Birthday

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