Once you lie to me quotes

Explore a collection of meaningful quotes about trust and betrayal. Find inspiration and wisdom in these powerful words that capture the emotions when someone you love lies to you.
Dear ex best friend,  Oh and especially when you lied to my mom to get sympathy for yourself and even turn my own mother against me. I wish I'd known you were bat-shit crazy and manipulative when I met you.  Love, The girl who will never forgive nor forget True Words, I Hate Liars, Liar Quotes, Ex Best Friend, You Lied To Me, Anything For You, Narcissism, Friends Quotes, Great Quotes

Devalued, thrown away and tossed onto the Junk Heap! WHY? The REALITY of what defines being a source of ‘Narcissistic Supply!’ NOBODY is special, or ‘the one and only’ for a Narcissist we are all part…

Most every target/victim has been totally derailed by the sudden devaluation and discard that they have personally experienced in their relationship with a Narcissist. You believed you were the onl…

Melissa Kroll