Outdoor twister

Take your outdoor fun to the next level with these exciting and interactive twister games. Get the whole family involved and create unforgettable memories with these outdoor twister ideas.
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How to make an outdoor twister game board on your lawn for a fun adult and/or kid party game. This is a fun outdoor game that's easy to play and quick to make.Looking for more fun activities for kids and fun things to do? Then check out my 18 Outdoor Activities with Kids Perfect for Summer. It comes with printable signs and easy games to set up quickly. Download File Here:

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Firstly - apologies for not blogging lately - have been super busy in the shop and getting the website ready, but have been collecting some great ideas in my notebook! My first to share is an easy party theme TWISTER!! Yes, that game YOU played as a kid, is still popular! It has had many reincarnations over the years but the principle is still the same - primary colours and circles - what an easy party theme!!! Use a game mat for your table cloth - it's plastic and any stickiness or spills…

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Bring a touch of imagination and joy to your outdoor space with these delightful game suggestions! Transform your backyard into a carnival of laughter and excitement with an oversized Twister board, a homemade ring toss game, and even water balloon piñatas. These activities promise endless entertainment for all ages, making every moment filled with pure happiness. Gather your cherished ones, unwind, and turn your backyard into the ultimate hub for fun-filled memories.

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It’s party season in our house and to save my sanity and a messy house, I like to keep the kids outside playing. The game of Twister is easy to replicate in your outdoor area, all you need is chalk paint and a stencil! DIY twister What you’ll need: Cardboard to make a circle stencil Spray chalk paint (or chalk if not using grass) Method: Make a circle stencil out of cardboard. Choose a suitable place to paint your Twister board. Stick with the usual Twister board or make up your own. Leave…