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Discover exciting primary music activities to help kids explore their musical talents and develop a love for music. Create a joyful learning environment with these interactive ideas.
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Every month, there are 3 suggested songs to teach the Primary children. Discuss with your Primary President, and other chorister(s), which songs you’d like to focus on for each month. I try to pick one that THEY KNOW pretty well and one that they DON’T KNOW from the suggested songs. Teaching 3 new songs from scratch a month would be a lot for them to learn! So for the 3rd song, I will either sing it during a pick-and-choose Sunday, or as one of the opening songs that month. On the first…

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You’ve taught them the new song for the month…. now you need to REPEAT aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand REPEAT it!!! Children (and adults) learn best with repetition so we thought we’d compile a list of ways to repeat a song without the children hearing, “One more time” and “Play it again” or “From the top”. The best kind of Singing Time when repeating and reviewing a new Primary Song is the one where the kids don’t realize they’re singing the same song over and over again! This is also great for them…

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I was in charge of our Primary Singing time at church a few weeks ago and decided to play a simple game of tic-tac-toe to help us practice a song. It was so easy to put together, the kids had fun, and we got a good practice on one of my favorite songs! Supplies: Construction paper in Red and Blue Scissors Tape Chalk Prep Work: Draw an X on a piece of red construction paper. Cut it out and trace 5 more onto more red paper. Draw an O on a piece of blue construction paper and do the same thing…

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Let me set the scene. It’s late Saturday night. You’ve had a busy and packed day full of soccer games, bridal showers, whiney kids, family get-to-gether, making dinner, put (forced) kids to bed. Then you think, “Oh man! I have to plan my singing time lesson for tomorrow!!!” What can I do that really quick and easy???? We’ve all been there. We get it. So, here you go: Pick one. We got your back J (((***KEEP IN MIND, THESE ALSO WORK FOR REVIEWING YOUR PROGRAM SONGS!!!!!))) 1- Target Practice…

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So you have a few days to prepare for your Primary Program Singing time coming up on Sunday? CHECK. You want to do something fun that has a MEDIUM amount of prep? CHECK. Nothing too overboard and fancy, but an idea that is a little more special than your regular Sunday Singing Time? CHECK. Well then, here’s a good list of MEDIUM Prep Primary Program Review Ideas for you!!! 1-Emoji Progress Emoji’s are easy for the Primary children to understand! So what better image to “grade” their Primary…

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Are you a Primary Music Leader looking for ways to introduce and teach a new song? Then check out this article with lots of helpful ideas and suggestions. Plus, check out The Big Book of Primary Singing Time Ideas for 100+ primary singing time ideas at

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