Recipes with beef soup bones

Explore a variety of mouthwatering recipes that use beef soup bones. From hearty soups to flavorful stews, discover how to make the most of this nutritious ingredient for a satisfying meal.
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We purchase a half of a cow about once every year and a half from my Brother in Law. We are super grateful for Jeff and all the hard work he puts into providing for the WHOLE family. Anyways...these cows are DELICIOUS! After eating our first piece of steak, (never frozen and freshly prepared THAT morning) we vowed to never buy store bought beef again (unless we ran out that is). Anyways, we always get soup bones with our cow. I have always just kept them in the freezer thinking that someday…

Susan Foss
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Bone Broth Soup and Parmesan Risotto from leftovers We were celebrating my son Brad’s recent engagement and decided to dine at Dorona a nice restaurant in Naples. My son was treating us and suggested we order the Bone in Chateaubriand for four. This was an excellent choice and we all enjoyed this delicious meal as

Rachael Buske Palmos