Red onion salad

Elevate your salad game with these mouthwatering red onion salad recipes. Discover new flavors and textures to create a refreshing and satisfying meal.
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When you've got great ingredients, simplicity is the key. These fresh local and seasonal ingredients - just four of them - makes the most amazing salad to accompany your amazing steak from The Butcher Co or Kate's frittata. Ingredients 100g Riverdale Herbs Baby Leaf Spinach 1 punnet The Passionate Farmer organic snack

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Marinated Red Onions & How To Use Them | Irena Macri Sauces, Inspiration, Pickled Onions, Pickled Vegetables, Pickled Red Onions, Quick Pickled Onions, Salad With Sweet Potato, Quick Pickled Red Onions, Steamed Green Beans

Pickled or marinated onions are a marvellous condiment that are easy to make at home. You can marinated onions on top of burgers, in tacos, in salads, to top grilled meats, fish or plant-based protein. Mix through some beans and quinoa, add to scrambled eggs and top sandwiches and wraps.

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