Revolving door

Explore a collection of creative and functional revolving door designs that add style and convenience to your space. Upgrade your entrance with these innovative ideas.
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Siemens PLC controller, Lenz drive unit, Bea activation sensor and safety sensor,etc, our automatic revolving door adopte the lastest and highest technology of door automation. Powder coating, 304 stainless steel and anodizing finishes for u to chose. Super security with breakout system,emergency stop system,anti-clip and anti-bump system, disable system,UPS working system and night-lock system.

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Working with Panasonic PLC controller; diameter from 1800 to 4800;powder coating, anodizing, and 304SS surface; KAST 3 wing revolving door is available with optional central showcase (for diameters of 3,100 mm and up), night shutte. For ease of use for wheelchair users or people with disabilities, it can be fitted with a switchable control to reduce the operational speed