Rub n buff

Elevate your DIY projects to the next level with Rub 'n Buff. Discover how this versatile product can add a beautiful metallic finish to your creations and bring them to life.
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How To Use Rub N Buff On Metal [A Complete Guide]

If you were to ask any designers, crafters, or DIYers about their favorite products, they would likely put Rub N Buff at the top of their list. They’ve called it “Amazing,” “A miracle,” and proclaimed it an “I can’t-do-without it” tool. It’s true, using Rub N Buff on hardware and metal fixtures does renew and […]

Melissa Mays
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Trying All The Rub 'n Buff Colors

One of my favorite random finds is rub 'n buff! I discovered it year and years ago and love it for a quick metallic wax finish on any piece. Anytime I need to match the color of small items in our home my go-to is to use Rub n Buff. Need to match the color of all your kitchen hardware? Want to add color to your picture frames? Want your light fixture colors to match? Seriously there are so many ways to use rub 'n buff I love it. However, my main frustration with Rub n Buff is that you